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Portland Fitness & Kickboxing Training Classes

We offer a variety of training classes from group kickboxing classes and fitness classes to child development classes and MMA classes. Our Portland training classes are fun, effective and safe group workouts. Our training classes will help you build stamina, develop balance, hand/eye coordination and confidence.

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Class Schedule Update

Each class has a different schedule and we will be updating our class schedule very soon. Every class is scheduled on the most convenient days and time to make sure it fits with your busy life. Our Portland training classes are held multiple times per week so you can always make it. See you there!

Get In Shape With Curt’s Ultimate Training Classes

You can come to Curt’s to get in shape or work out aggressions and let off steam after a stressful day. Lose weight and/or tone your body from head to toe. You’ll not only strengthen and tone your body, but you’ll also learn basic fighting skill because we focus on proper technique and our classes are taught by competitive athletes. The training includes jumping rope, shadow boxing, punching the heavy bag, speed bag, non-contact partner drills, and stretching.

Contact: 503-819-9207

Conceive, Believe & Achieve at Curt’s Ultimate