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Every class and personal training session at Curt’s Ultimate is tailored to your personal ability and endurance level. Unlike most gyms, we don’t believe in making our loyal members sign any contracts and you will never be charged any hidden fees! Here at Curt’s Ultimate, you, your health and your safety always come first! All of our personal training sessions and all of our group classes are provided on a month to month basis with NO Contracts, so you have the flexibility your looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our personal training and group classes.

Personal Training

Personal training is more effective than a regular work out because we look at everything including diet, general fitness, cardio, strength conditioning, range of motion, and much much more! You work with weights, boxing, kickboxing, MMA fight drills and more to help get you in shape. Were going to make those abs, legs & arms go work! For more information about our Portland personal training click here.


Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class is a complete program that covers MMA fighting techniques including kicking, boxing, clinch, takedowns, grappling/groundfighting and skill/attribute training drills. Students will learn a balanced mixture of striking, grappling, takedowns and submissions. For more information about MMA training classes click here.


Kickboxing is often practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport. Our Portland kickboxing classes will get you in shape and teach you valuable skills you can use. Many people love our Portland kickboxing classes because you do not have to be a professional to join our kickboxing class. Beginners are always welcome to come join the fun. For more information about our Portland kickboxing classes click here.


Over the past few years boxing for fitness has become common place. As the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) Amateur Champion in 1984 and 1985, Curtis Crawford has the boxing and kickboxing experience you need to get in shape. Curtis teaches boxing classes for everyone from women and children to beginners, amateurs, and professional boxers. For more information about our boxing classes click here.


We offer fun, effective, safe class and group workouts. Our training classes will help you build stamina, develop balance, hand/eye coordination and confidence. You can come to Curt’s to work out aggressions, let off steam, release stress and feel relaxed afterwards. Lose weight and/or tone your body from head to toe. You’ll not only strengthen and tone your body, but you’ll also learn basic fighting skill because we focus on proper technique and our classes are taught by competitive athletes. The training includes jumping rope, shadow boxing, punching the heavy bag, speed bag, non-contact partner drills, and stretching. For more information about our Portland training classes click here.

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